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Online Event: A New Era for U.S. Alliances

December 14, 2020 • 9:30 – 11:00 am EST

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Global Security Forum 2020

Please join the CSIS International Security Program for an online event that examines the challenges and opportunities for the U.S.-led system of alliances in the next decade and beyond. The Global Security Forum 2020 considered alliance dynamics for three scenarios: a climate change catastrophe, a Chinese blockade of Taiwan, and military escalation after Russian interference in a U.S. election.

Event Schedule:

9:30 am: Opening Remarks
Dr. John Hamre, President and CEO of CSIS and Langone Chair in American Leadership

9:35 am: Keynote Introduction
William J. Lynn III, CEO of Leonardo/DRS

9:40 am: Keynote Conversation
Ambassador Wendy Sherman, Director of the Center for Public Leadership at the Harvard Kennedy School

9:55 am: Report Findings
Presented by:
Samuel Brannen, Senior Fellow at CSIS

10:05 am: Panel Discussion
Moderated by:
Heather Conley, Senior Vice President for Europe, Asia, and the Arctic; and Director, Europe Program

Michael J. Green, Senior Vice President for Asia and Japan Chair
Emma Ashford, Resident Senior Fellow, Atlantic Council
Kori Schake, Director of Foreign and Defense Policy Studies, American Enterprise Institute

The U.S.-led system of alliances is more important than ever. Global cooperation with American leadership has long undertaken responsibility for economic stability, nonproliferation, counterterrorism, and prevention of large-scale violent conflict.

In 2021, as the country prepares to transition from the Trump presidency to a new Biden administration, that list of responsibilities will include managing a global pandemic while reinvigorating the power of American values in competition with an increasingly powerful China. The United States will need allies, partners, and friends as it wrestles with a changing international order, more capable and numerous rivals, and mounting challenges to human security at home and abroad.

This report is made possible by the generous support of Leonardo DRS

Heather A. Conley

Senior Professor of the Practice of Public Leadership and Director, Center for Public Leadership, Harvard Kennedy School
Director of Foreign and Defense Policy Studies, American Enterprise Institute

Samuel Brannen