Global Terrorism Threat Assessment 2024

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A short, spoken-word summary from CSIS’s Catrina Doxsee on her report with the Transnational Threats Project team, The Global Terrorism Threat Assessment 2024.

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Terrorism is no longer the leading international threat to the United States or its top defense priority, but challenges related to violent extremism remain. The threat from Salafi-jihadist groups such as al Qaeda and the Islamic State has declined, and ethnonationalist threats are largely contained. However, a broader patchwork of violent far-right and far-left extremist ideologies has become more prominent on the global stage. Meanwhile, terrorism continues to overlap in significant ways with strategic competition, especially via Iran's support to terrorist groups like Hamas and Hezbollah.

This report was made possible by general support to CSIS. No direct sponsorship contributed to this report.

Riley McCabe
Program Manager and Research Associate, Transnational Threats Project