Toward a New Global Trade Framework

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The CSIS Trade Commission on Affirming American Leadership was created in the summer of 2019 to develop a series of recommendations to cement U.S. global leadership in light of a multitude of twenty-first-century challenges, both at home and abroad. In a series of reports, the commission lays out recommendations for the U.S. workforce, U.S. innovation policy, and U.S. engagement in the international trading system. This report, which is the fourth and final from the commission, focuses on U.S. trade policy. The report recommends three elements of a new U.S. trade policy: the establishment of a new trade compact composed of like-minded developed market economies committed to more ambitious global trade rules; a pragmatic approach to WTO reform; and the modernization of the U.S. trade toolbox. These recommendations, while not exhaustive, establish a trade policy appropriate for the twenty-first century.


This project is made possible through the generous support of the CSIS Strategic Initiatives Fund and General Electric, as well as individual contributions from Mr. Frederick W. Smith, Mr. Gary J. Baumgartner, and Mr. W. James McNerney.

Scott Miller
Senior Mentor (Non-resident), Executive Education

Jack Caporal