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Future of U.S. Climate and Energy Leadership

March 20, 2023 • 4:00 – 5:15 pm EDT

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The Inflation Reduction Act is reshaping the U.S. energy economy toward low-carbon options. At the same time, the United States will remain a large producer and exporter of oil and natural gas. How will these two trends affect our geopolitical and economic future, and to what extent can they be leveraged to improve energy security and reduce global emissions? Understanding these questions is key for stakeholders—in U.S. states, foreign governments, industry, and civil society. 

CSIS hosted an expert panel focused on how to achieve the promises of the IIJA/IRA and ensure U.S. leadership on climate change, featuring Emily Sanford Fisher (Edison Electric Institute), Scott Moskowitz (Qcells), David Waskow (World Resources Institute) and moderated by Joseph Majkut (CSIS).


Note: White House U.S. Climate Advisor Ali Zaidi was scheduled to make a keynote address, but was unable to participate due to unforeseen circumstances.


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Executive Vice President, Clean Energy, and General Counsel & Corporate Secretary, Edison Electric Institute (EEI)
Senior Director, Head of Market Intelligence, Public Affairs, and Marketing, Qcells
Director, International Climate Initiative, World Resources Institute
Joseph Majkut
Director, Energy Security and Climate Change Program