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Ocean Security Forum 2021

December 16, 2021 • 1:45 – 5:00 pm EST

The Stephenson Ocean Security Project highlights the ways that global security challenges arise from marine resource competition and works towards solutions that support sustainable development, coalition building, and the need for American leadership. This year’s forum will examine changes in U.S. policy towards marine resource security over the past three administrations and the evolving role of private sector technology in transparency at sea.  

A first panel of senior government officials will explore the ways in which U.S. policy on marine resource security has evolved across the Obama, Trump, and Biden administrations including a focus on the linked impacts of climate change and escalating competition for marine resources. A second panel will explore the rapidly growing field of private sector tools for enhancing global maritime domain awareness and the opportunities and challenges the U.S. government faces in using these tools to improve human rights and marine resource security. We will also look towards the upcoming 2022 OurOceans Conference and consider opportunities for making significant progress in addressing IUU fishing and related human rights and marine resource challenges over the next five years.

The Stephenson Ocean Security Project was established through generous support from the Phillip Stephenson Foundation.  This forum has been developed in partnership with the CSIS Human Rights Initiative, the International Corporate Accountability Roundtable, World Wildlife Fund, and Oceana.

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Whitley Saumweber
Director, Stephenson Ocean Security Project, and Senior Associate (Non-Resident), Asia Maritime Transparency Initiative
Assistant Secretary of State for Oceans and International
Chief Innovation Officer, Global Fishing Watch
Deputy Vice President for U.S. Campaigns, Oceana
Technical Director for AI and Machine Learning, Department of Defense, Defense Innovation Unit