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The Red Zone: Frontline Responders in Myanmar: Role of Women in Humanitarian and Climate Action

May 15, 2024 • 2:30 – 3:45 pm EDT

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The political upheaval caused by the military junta, the resulting humanitarian crisis, and the broader environmental consequences exacerbated by climate change in Myanmar are intertwined challenges that are at odds with one another. An estimated 18.6 million people, disproportionately women and girls, find themselves in dire need of assistance. Yet, the humanitarian response remains underfunded, leaving millions vulnerable to the harsh realities of conflict and environmental degradation. High levels of immediate, life-saving needs, severe access constraints, and low response capacity mean that women have had to make difficult choices between prioritizing playing a role in their political future by supporting anti-authoritarian movements, providing urgent humanitarian assistance, and addressing longer-term climate challenges, often prioritizing the immediate over the long-term.

Despite the challenges, women continue to play a key role in Myanmar’s anti-authoritarian movement and have coordinated a successful resistance against the backdrop of an impermissible environment with ongoing active conflict and climate change. They stand at the forefront of humanitarian efforts, providing vital assistance to those most in need, often at great personal risk of heightened gender-based violence. Myanmar’s anti-authoritarian resistance and humanitarian actors are looking to the international humanitarian system and foreign governments for increased support of immediate needs, and it is imperative that the gender lens remains central to discussions. This panel will convene civil society actors and experts to examine the tradeoffs and need for international intervention.

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This event is made possible through the generous support of USAID.

Hadeil Ali
Director and Fellow, Diversity and Leadership in International Affairs Project

Khin Lay

Civil Society and Political Activist, Founding Director, Triangle Women Support Group

May Sabe Phyu

Director, Gender Equality Network, Myanmar

Naw Susanna Hla Hla Soe

Union Minister, Ministry of Women, Youth, and Children Affairs, National Unity Government

Thinzar Shunlei Yi

Democracy Activist