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Report Launch: Organizations and Nation-State Cyber Threats in the Crosshairs

March 28, 2022 • 3:00 – 4:00 pm EDT
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The event will be webcast live from this page.

SolarWinds, Colonial Pipeline, the Microsoft Exchange “Hafnium” incident, and the latest cyber activity in Ukraine, demonstrate the persistence of nation-state cyberattacks and their force to cause service disruptions, expose data, and create substantial financial costs. Recognizing recent high profile attacks and an increase in cyber threats across the globe, CSIS and Trellix surveyed 800 security professionals to gain insights into organizations' perceptions of malicious cyber activity from nation-state actors.

Join CSIS for a presentation of these findings by Eugenia Lostri, Associate Fellow with the Strategic Technologies Program at CSIS and John Fokker, Head of Cyber Investigations at Trellix. This presentation will be followed by a panel discussion with Bryan Palma, CEO of Trellix, Matthew Noyes, Director of Cyber Policy and Strategy at the U.S. Secret Service, and Mieke Eoyang, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Cyber Policy.

This event is done in collaboration with Trellix.

Eugenia Lostri

Eugenia Lostri

Former Associate Fellow, Strategic Technologies Program
James Andrew Lewis
Senior Vice President; Pritzker Chair; and Director, Strategic Technologies Program
Director of Cyber Policy and Strategy, U.S. Secret Service
Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Cyber Policy