NATO's Road to Madrid

NATO’s Road to Madrid

Hosted by Max Bergmann, director of the CSIS Europe, Russia, and Eurasia Program, “NATO’s Road to Madrid” explores how the United States’ most important alliance is approaching a critical process it has not undertaken since 2010: updating its Strategic Concept. The last time NATO endorsed a formal strategy, Russia had not invaded Ukraine, China was not yet thought to be a challenge meriting NATO attention, and defense planners were only beginning to look at the military implications of climate change, hybrid warfare, and other challenges. The full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine in February 2022 has underscored the enduring importance of NATO. This podcast series will examine all these subjects, as well as how challenges from inside the alliance complicate its ability to respond effectively. Along the way, the series will try to help make sense of the inner workings of NATO, which are often opaque from the outside. In each episode, the Fellows will speak to experts on each item on NATO’s agenda as it adapts to this new era and responds to Russian aggression.

The lead researcher and project coordinator of “NATO’s Road to Madrid” is Colin Wall and the podcast is edited by Ilana Nevins. This podcast is made possible with support from the NATO Public Diplomacy Division.