Ebola in America: Epidemic of Fear

“Ebola in America: Epidemic of Fear” is a groundbreaking documentary produced by the CSIS Global Health Policy Center that illuminates how Americans experienced Ebola in 2014.

It includes interviews with the following key personalities:

  • Kent Brantly, Ebola survivor, doctor, served in Liberia with Samaritan’s Purse
  • John Carlo, Dallas County Medical Society
  • Helene Cooper, New York Times
  • Anthony Fauci, National Institutes of Allergies and Infectious Diseases
  • Thomas Frieden, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
  • Gregg Gonsalves, Yale University Law School
  • Kaci Hickox, Nurse, served with Doctors Without Borders in Sierra Leone
  • Ken Isaacs, Samaritan’s Purse
  • Clay Jenkins, Dallas County Judge
  • Ron Klain, White House Ebola Response Coordinator (2014-2015)
  • Allison Liddell, Texas Health Presbyterian Dallas
  • Suerie Moon, Harvard University
  • Amy Pope, National Security Council
  • J. Stephen Morrison, CSIS Global Health Policy Center