Strategic Insights provides expert analysis on pressing geopolitical risks at the intersection of government and business interests through a bi-weekly newsletter. Tailored to an executive audience, each edition offers focus points to guide strategic planning and operational decision-making.

In an overwhelming information environment, Strategic Insights differentiates itself by:

  • Providing a curated perspective in conjunction with CSIS scholars, whose decades of experience lend a unique vantage point for current events and emerging risk areas.
  • Offering foresight by identifying the forces driving events and future indicators to watch, in addition to assessing current state-of-play.
  • Illuminating the cross-sector business implications of geopolitical events while presenting analysis on government dynamics.

For a better sense of the range of content offered by Strategic Insights, we invite you to peruse these past editions:

Letting the CHIPS (Act) Fall Where They May – September 22, 2022.  The Act augurs a strategic shift in U.S. competitiveness as its implementation seeks to reverse a 30-year ebb in semiconductor and critical technology production. Russia grows increasingly isolated and the UNGA 77 takes a dire tone.

Taiwan Tensions – August 25, 2022. U.S.-China relations come under increasing strain, with no clear off-ramps in sight. The Taliban marks one year since its return to power, Kenya elects new president, and North Korea capitalizes on Russia’s post-Ukraine invasion isolation.

Climate Change and Natural Disasters – May 20, 2022. Hurricanes will be more frequent and more impactful, despite collective aversion to believing that they can happen to us. Beijing’s Covid-zero push strains domestic tolerance as President Biden embarks on a major trip to Asia.