The following is the original charter establishing the Japan Chair at the Center for Strategic and International Studies thanks to an endowment from Toyota Motor Company, Ltd. in 1981

The Japan Chair at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, endowed through the generosity of the Toyota Motor Company, Ltd., is dedicated to increasing understanding between the United States and Japan.

The political, economic, security, and human ties that bind our two societies have been deep and wide-ranging. Our relations have flourished because of hard work, firm commitment, and a shared commitment to democracy, the rule of law, and the expansion of economic prosperity.

Japan and the United States are two of the most dynamic nations in the international community. Both are at the forefront of technology. Both have regional as well as global responsibilities. The need to strengthen the U.S.- Japan relationship has increased as the links between us have multiplied.  It is toward this end that the resources of this Chair will be directed. The chair will serve as a catalyst in public policy, business, and government communities for identifying common challenges and seeking cooperative solutions.

The philosophy of the donor of this Chair has always been that excellence of thought is the precursor to excellence of results. Correspondingly, the holder of this Chair will have a record of distinguished accomplishments in research and teaching, public policy, or business affairs.  The Center for Strategic and International Studies takes pride in having the opportunity, and the honor, of playing a constructive role in maintaining and developing close relations between our two great nations.