The Global Financial Crisis and its Effects on Asian Capitalism: Views from China, Indonesia, Japan, and South Korea

Volume 1, Issue 4, July 2013

The economic effects of 2008 global financial crisis are receding in Asia, but its socioeconomic effects linger, notesJongryn Mo, executive director of the Hills Governance Center at Yonsei University in Seoul. The crisis was a catalyst for governance reforms in many Asian countries, he says. Speaking at an Asan Foundation Plenum on the impact of the crisis on Asian capitalism, he and Natalia Soebagjo, executive director of the University of Indonesia Center for the Study of Governance near Jakarta, Jennifer Oh, assistant professor at Ewha Woman's University in Seoul, and Yang Xuedong, deputy director of China's Center for Global Governance and Development in Beijing analyze
these reforms and their limitations in their respective countries.

Jongryn Mo