The Indian Ocean Region

A Strategic Net Assessment

The Indian Ocean Region (IOR) is one of the most areas of the world in human terms. It includes a wide variety of races, cultures, and religions. The level of political stability, the quality of governance, demographic pressures, ethnic and sectarian tensions, and the pace of economic growth create a different mix of opportunity and risk in each state. This can affect mid- and long-term development and sometimes creates near-term problems in stability that can trigger internal or civil conflict.

This study provides a comprehensive overview of the subregions and countries in the IOR, drawing heavily on a new country risk assessment model developed by Abdullah Toukan, a senior associate with the Burke Chair at CSIS. It provides detailed graphs, tables, and maps covering the IOR as a whole, each major subregion, and each of the 32 countries in the region as well as the impact of U.S. and Chinese military forces.

Anthony H. Cordesman

Anthony H. Cordesman

Former Emeritus Chair in Strategy

Garrett Berntsen, Daniel Dewit

Abdullah Toukan