Military Balance

Burke Chair reports in Military Balance provide regularly updated data, charts, maps and analyses on the global military balance and regional military balances

These studies summarize the global military balance in graphic and tabular form, as well as extensive analysis of real-world warfighting capabilities. The studies are divided by region and sub-region, and cover the trends in conventional forces, nuclear forces, arms proliferation, military efforts and spending, procurement and arms import activity, force modernization, and force quality. Included are military balances on Asia, the Middle East and North Africa, the Levant, NATO and Europe, the Global Nuclear Balance, and proliferation of WMD. Each balance differs in content to reflect the varying tensions and force trends in each respective region. The individual balances are also tailored to support qualitative as well as quantitative analysis, as well as analysis of arms control issues. In some regions, notably the Middle East, the military data are supplemented by extensive data on economic, demographic, and energy trends.