Joint U.S.-China Think Tank Project on the Future of U.S.-China Relations

On July 6th CSIS hosted an event to release a major report on U.S.-China relations written by a group of experts from some of America’s leading foreign policy think tanks. The report is the product of a year-long effort in which American and Chinese experts prepared parallel reports with analyses and policy recommendations on several critical areas that shape the relationship: military relations, the Asia-Pacific region, economic relations, global governance, and domestic politics. The US side’s report, entitled Joint U.S.-China Think Tank Project on the Future of U.S.-China Relations: An American Perspective  (PDF) and the Chinese side’s China-U.S. Relations: Exploring a New Pathway to a Win-Win Partnership (PDF) (PDF - Chinese) are available here.

The American reports provide a balanced and sober analysis of the most pressing issues facing the relationship, from regional issues such as North Korea and the South China Sea to the bilateral economic relationship to the evolving rules surrounding global governance. The reports identify areas of common understanding but also substantial differences in perspective between the American and Chinese governments. The report offers proposals for how to manage these differences as well as promote cooperation in areas of mutual interest.

The American side’s efforts were overseen by a steering group of leading foreign policy experts, including John Hamre (CSIS), Richard Armitage (Armitage International), Stephen J. Hadley (US Institute of Peace), and J. Stapleton Roy (Woodrow Wilson Center). The Chinese side’s efforts were led by Ambassador Fu Ying, in her capacity as Principal Expert of the National Institute for Global Strategy (NIGS) of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS).  The report release event includes a who’s who of over a dozen leading experts in U.S.-Asia relations from both the United States and China, including Michael Green (CSIS), Evan Medeiros (Eurasia Group), Wang Jisi (Peking University), and Zhu Feng (Nanjing University).