In Memoriam: Anthony H. Cordesman

WASHINGTON, January 29, 2024: CSIS president and CEO John J. Hamre released a statement on the passing of CSIS Emeritus Chair Dr. Anthony H. Cordesman:

“Today, all of his colleagues at CSIS mourn the death of Tony Cordesman. Tony was one of the most prolific and engaged scholars we have had in over 25 years. Tony drew on his deep experience in government to share insights with the world. He thought deeply and creatively about some of the most challenging problems of our days. He was a towering figure in national security circles because of his unflinching honesty and candor. At the same time, he mentored dozens and dozens of young professionals who were inspired to focus their careers on national security because of Tony’s inspirational career. Tony’s remarkably productive life was focused on one thing—strengthening America, which he loved with all his heart. But he was not narrow in his scholarship. Tony saw the vital role and contribution that allied and partner nations played in protecting and advancing a peaceful world. While we mourn his passing today, we celebrate his remarkable career and all that he did for CSIS."