Trust - The Underlying Philosophy of the Park Geun-Hye Administration

Korea Chair Platform

"Trust” is the key word of President Park’s administration. The President herself has put great emphasis on complying with what she had promised to the people during her campaign and placed great weight on trust between the people and government. Based on the trust from the people, the new administration aims at realizing its administrative vision—happiness of the people and a new era of hope—with five administrative goals: (1) creative economy with emphasis on jobs, (2) tailored employment and welfare, (3) ingenious education and culture, (4) social safety and integration, and (5) establishment of the foundations of a unification era for happiness. It intends to open a new hopeful era where every individual in South Korea can feel happy based on the trust of the people, “Trust net” is the intangible but essential infrastructure without which South Korea cannot enter into the club of most advanced countries.

Dr. Seongwhun Cheon