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Public Safety in Haiti: Now and Tomorrow

June 8, 2023 • 11:00 am – 12:30 pm EDT

Haiti today faces mounting security issues with increases in the rates of violent crime and territory controlled by gangs paralleled by the dwindling numbers and capabilities of the Haitian National Police. With the increased interest of the United States in Haiti following the choice of Haiti as a partner country in the Strategy to Prevent Conflict and Promote Stability, actors in Haiti and the United States have an unprecedented opportunity to support the development of a Haitian-led solution to ongoing public safety concerns throughout the country. This panel aims to examine the current state of public safety in Haiti, the role of the Haitian National Police, potential Haitian solutions to the issues, and opportunities for external support.  

The event will take place at CSIS on June 8th from 11am-12:30pm ET moderated by CSIS Senior Advisor, Ambassador Frederick Barton. The event will also be livestreamed on this page. 

This event is made possible through general support to CSIS.

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Erol Yayboke

Erol Yayboke

Former Director, Project on Fragility and Mobility and Senior Fellow, International Security Program

Dr. Peterson Thosiac