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Turning up the Heat on Geothermal Energy in Latin America

February 21, 2023 • 6:00 – 7:30 pm EST

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Join the Americas Program for a virtual discussion on Geothermal Energy Development in Latin America.

With its vast network of volcanoes and prevalent geologic fault lines, Latin America is naturally positioned to benefit from harnessing the geothermal energy stored under the surface of the Earth. Geothermal energy has risen as an indigenous alternative renewable that could allow countries, particularly those located on the Ring of Fire, to produce electricity and meet domestic demand. However, in spite of the promising energy production that geothermal energy presents, geothermal sources in Latin America are largely underexplored, barely comprising 5% of their assessed geothermal potential. For countries in Latin America to fully take advantage of this resource, they will need to raise awareness of the resource’s benefits, create appropriate regulations and policies, and partner with industries and local stakeholders to develop the necessary human capital to equip the next generation of geothermal experts.

This event will identify the challenges and opportunities harnessing geothermal energy in the region, particularly in Costa Rica, El Salvador and Peru. In addition, the discussion will seek to lay out pathways for these countries to achieve their energy, economic and social goals through the development of geothermal energy. This event will also explore policies for growing investment in the region and strengthen the Latin American geothermal energy industry.

*This event will be offered in Spanish with simultaneous interpretation in English

This event was made possible with the generous support of the Japan International Cooperation Agency.

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Katsura Miyazaki

Senior Vice President for Latin America and the Caribbean, Japan International Cooperation Agency

Mynor José Gil Arevalo

President, La Geo S.A. de C.V.

Manabu Sugioka

Geothermal Development Senior Advisor, Japan International Cooperation Agency

Vicentina Cruz

Engineer, Instituto Geologico Minero Metalurgico, Peru