CSIS Launches Program on Intelligence, National Security, and Technology

WASHINGTON, DC – OCTOBER 24, 2023 – The Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) today launched the Intelligence, National Security, and Technology (INT) Program, a groundbreaking new effort that will provide leadership on the most difficult issues in the field of intelligence, in particular how technology will shape the future of national security.

In the last year, dramatic developments in artificial intelligence, quantum computing, cybersecurity, and information operations have made clear that a revolution in intelligence work is on the horizon. The INT Program will provide timely insights and actionable recommendations to leaders in Congress, the Executive Branch, and industry who are grappling with these trends.

Emily Harding will serve as director of the INT Program, building upon a decades-long career as a producer, consumer, and overseer of intelligence with her roles at the Central Intelligence Agency, National Security Council, Office of the Director of National Intelligence, and Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. During her time as deputy director and senior fellow with CSIS’s International Security Program, she has established herself as one of the nation’s leading experts on intelligence issues, authoring the acclaimed works Seven Critical Technologies for Winning the Next War, OSCAR, and Tech Recs.

CSIS launches this program as advancements in technology are making previously impossible intelligence tasks possible. For example, monitoring activity across the Pacific Ocean was once a matter of thousands of hours of studying days-old imagery. Now, the combination of AI and constellations of small satellites provides real-time alerts of naval activity. Today’s open-source intelligence can take advantage of vast troves of new data to provide unique insights. The United States is in a race to update encryption standards before quantum computing makes current encryption obsolete and allows adversaries to read decades of secrets. In an era of great power competition, the United States is not the unquestioned leader in national security technology; instead, the Intelligence Community finds itself scrambling to simultaneously adopt technologies that will give it an advantage while also keeping track of what adversaries are doing to try to get ahead themselves.

To meet these challenges, INT will publish in-depth studies of how technology will shape the future of intelligence, including trends in open-source intelligence, technical collection capabilities, cyber conflict, and how the U.S. government can best incorporate emerging technologies. INT will also convene leaders to exchange ideas on how government and industry can collaborate on the larger issues that underpin their day-to-day decisions.

“There is an urgent need to arm policymakers with new insights and fresh research on the deep impact new technologies will have on U.S. intelligence capabilities and national security posture,” said Seth G. Jones, CSIS senior vice president and director of the International Security Program. “No one is better suited than Emily to lead this program. She is recognized as a leader providing strategic insights into how technology and intelligence intersect, and her expertise has shaped policy in the executive branch and Congress. Under her leadership, the INT Program will be a critical source of information for leaders in government as well as the tech industry.”

“During my time in government, I had the privilege to lead others through national security crises. I know how relentless the pace of business can be. My goal for the INT Program is to help policymakers and leaders in industry get ahead of these trends and position the United States for success in this next, critical decade,” said Harding.

Visit here to learn more about the Intelligence, National Security, and Technology (INT) Program. For media inquiries, please contact Andrew Schwartz (aschwartz@csis.org) and Paige Montfort (pmontfort@csis.org).

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