Mali: Between the Lines

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Amidst political, economic, and security issues Malians continue to seek justice and reconciliation to restore peace in their country. Since 2012, the Malian government has been engaged in a war against the National Movement for the Liberation of Azawad (MLNA) who intend to secede the Northern region of Mali. Additionally, Mali has experienced 8 attempted coups with 5 of them being successful since its independence in 1960. The turmoil experienced raises questions on how to attain national cohesion and how the Malian government can navigate meeting the plethora of needs that its citizens require. Good governance which is accountable to the people is what Malians are asking for.

Moussa Kondo, Executive Director Sahel Institute, joins Mvemba to share perspectives and insights into the political and economic landscape of Mali. Kondo expertly shares the historical context of the insecurity in Mali and some reflections on how Mali can overcome the challenges it is facing today.