Lillan and Robert D. Stuart Jr. Center in Euro-Atlantic and Northern European Studies

The Stuart Center produces forward-looking research and analysis on the changing geopolitical trends and dynamics in Northern Europe and the Arctic

In honor of the life and achievements of the late Robert D. Stuart Jr., former U.S. Ambassador to Norway, and his wife Lillan, the Stuart Center is dedicated to greater understanding of Northern Europe’s political, security, economic, and energy developments with a strong focus on the regional implications of a rapidly changing Arctic; revitalizing NATO’s collective defense and security cooperation role in Northern Europe; and strengthening the Euro-Atlantic partnership as a whole.

The Stuart Center is overseen by an Advisory Council comprised of engaged transatlantists who are leaders in the diplomatic, security, and political fields, as well as experts in Northern European and Arctic affairs. Geographically diverse, the Stuart Center Advisory Council membership includes representation from the five Nordic countries, the Baltic region and the United States.

With support from the Stuart Center, CSIS launched the Arctic Military Activity Tracker in 2021. Recognizing that the Arctic is an increasingly militarized region and that its geopolitical importance is growing, the tracker serves as an up-to-date repository of military incidents for use by experts, policymakers, and academia.