Pacific Partners Initiative

The CSIS Pacific Partners Initiative is a hub for United States policy focusing on Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific Island Countries

The Pacific Partners Initiative is the first Washington-based policy & think tank forum dedicated to providing a sustained high-level focus on the Pacific Islands community. The Initiative encompasses dedicated programs, research-based studies and publications, and active online outreach.

The Pacific Partners Initiative is led by Dr. Charles Edel, Australia Chair and Senior Adviser, Christopher B. Johnstone, Senior Adviser and Japan Chair, and Gregory Poling, Senior Fellow and Director of the Southeast Asia Program and Asia Maritime Transparency Initiative.

The Pacific Partners Initiative was launched in July 2011 and reflects CSIS’ focus on the strategic importance of the Pacific to the United States. The Initiative is the first Washington-based resource of this nature, and is a valuable tool in both examining and strengthening the growing relationships between the United States and the Pacific Islands community.

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Photo: Hagen Hopkins/Getty Images

Photo: Hagen Hopkins/Getty Images

The Geopolitical Promise of New Zealand’s Conservative Swing

Last October, New Zealand elected its most conservative government in decades and the country's first-ever three-party coalition. This CQ discusses the new government's foreign policy and implications for U.S.-New Zealand relations.

Critical Questions by Kathryn Paik — January 16, 2024


Gregory B. Poling
Senior Fellow and Director, Southeast Asia Program and Asia Maritime Transparency Initiative