Toward a U.S. Economic Security Strategy

Twenty-First-Century Guidance for Domestic and International Policymaking
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This report assesses the U.S. government’s economic security tools and evaluates how to bolster U.S. capabilities. It focuses on strategic trade and investment tools, including tariffs, export controls, and sanctions. It then looks at how the U.S. approach to economic security interfaces with that of foreign partners and provides recommendations for how to bolster a G7 approach to economic security. Ultimately, current efforts to advance an economic security agenda could be enhanced through greater interagency coordination in the United States and deepened international cooperation on a more granular level. While the United States already possesses valuable offensive and defensive tools, it needs to improve policy assessment and forecasting capabilities. With an expanded offensive and defensive tool kit, greater international cooperation through an expanded Group of 7 (G7+) framework can work to stabilize an international economic security doctrine.

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Emily Benson

Emily Benson

Former Director, Project on Trade and Technology and Former Senior Fellow, Scholl Chair in International Business