Nina Easton, co-CEO of SellersEaston Media, is an award-winning author, columnist, and TV commentator. She won numerous national awards during a decade with the Los Angeles Times and later as Washington editor and national columnist at Fortune—where she covered politics, the economy, and foreign affairs; built Fortune Most Powerful Women International; and served as co-chair of the Fortune Global Forum. She has regularly appeared on prominent primetime news shows such as Meet the Press, Special Report, and Fox News Sunday, analyzing U.S. politics, the global economy, and foreign affairs. She was a 2012 fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School and is author of Gang of Five (Simon & Schuster, 2002), a history of the conservative movement that ranks on the Vox list of "books to read to understand the world." At CSIS, Nina hosts the global affairs series Smart Women, Smart Power, interviewing world leaders and diplomats. She is on the board of the global nonprofit Vital Voices.