Home Depot Founder Ken Langone: “Don’t Sell America Short!”

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This week, Andrew and Scott’s guest is Ken Langone, Chairman of Invemed Associates and a Trustee of CSIS. Ken is a true American success story who now focuses his efforts on philanthropy, including to NYU Langone Health. We talk with Ken about the power of education and hear his views on the country’s prospects and promise.

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Reading Notes:

CNBC's full interview with Ken Langone
Kenneth G. Langone discusses the heroism on the front lines and his thoughts that the media is inciting differences instead of sharing positive outcomes of the pandemic.

Philanthropy Magazine – Interview with Ken Langone
Philanthropy Magazine interviews Kenneth G. Langone about his life, philanthropy, and how to be a successful board member.

Scott Miller
Senior Mentor (Non-resident), Executive Education