U.S. and Iranian Strategic Competition

The Burke Chair at CSIS has prepared a detailed analysis of the history and character of U.S. and Iranian strategic competition as part of a project supported by the Smith Richardson Foundation. By Dr. Anthony Cordesman and Aram Nerguizian

  • Iraq in Crisis - This chapter examines in detail the role Iran has played in Iraq since 2003, and how the US has tried to counter it.

CSIS has incorporated the multi-volume series into a digitally-formatted 936 page eBook, divided into two parts. This eBook provides the most comprehensive, up-to-date, and impartial analysis of US and Iranian strategic competition available at the unclassified level, and covers every aspect of US and Iranian competition on a global basis.

The two-part eBook is available at:

Part 1 of 2



Part 2 of 2