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Against a blue and purple background, multiple data illustrations are shown

Charting 2024 through Data

Policy Insights from CSIS

Digital Report by Jaehyun Han, Brian Hart, and Heather Williams, Kelsey Hartigan, Lachlan MacKenzie, Reja Younis, Otto Svendsen, Sissy Martinez, Zane Swanson, Anita Kirschenbaum, David Michel, Henry Ziemer, Michaela Simoneau — March 19, 2024

Drone footage of Lake Sawa in Iraq.

Surviving Scarcity: Water and the Future of the Middle East

Human civilization was born out of the Middle East’s waterways. That water is disappearing, threatening the region’s future. To overcome this threat to security, countries will need to finally confront the political obstacles to sustainable and equitable policies. 

Digital Report by Natasha Hall — March 22, 2024

a split screen of rocket attacks in Gaza and a Ukrainian soldier

2024 Global Forecast: Conflict Zones

Digital Report by Mark F. Cancian, Max Bergmann, and Maria Snegovaya, Romina Bandura, Kathleen McInnis, Elizabeth Hoffman, Eliot A. Cohen, Daniel Byman, Jon B. Alterman, Natasha Hall, Emily Harding, Craig Cohen, Alex Kisling