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China-Taiwan-United States Relations

April 23, 2013 • 9:00 am – 1:45 pm EDT

China and Taiwan have improved both the tone and substance of their relationship over the past five years, especially on bilateral economic issues. But these advances have not been matched by progress on more difficult political or multilateral issues, and some observers believe that the improvement of cross-Strait relations will lose momentum as these more sensitive issues come up for discussion. The respective political calendars in China and Taiwan may further complicate matters.

On April 23, the Center for Northeast Asian Policy Studies at Brookings and the Freeman Chair in China Studies at the Center for Strategic and International Studies will host a public seminar featuring senior experts from the United States, China and Taiwan. Panelists will analyze the domestic forces influencing cross-Strait relations; prospects for developments in the political, security and regional economic arenas; and possible roles for the United States. Raymond Burghardt, chairman of the board of the American Institute in Taiwan, will deliver a keynote address.

After each panel, speakers will take audience questions. Please find the conference agenda below:

9:00 AM Indroductory Remarks

9:15 AM Panel 1: Domestic Politics and Perspectives

Thomas Mann
Senior Fellow, Governance Studies, 
The Brookings Institution 

Emerson Niou
Professor of Political Science,
Duke University

Yun Sun
Visiting Fellow, 
The Brookings Institution

Moderated by: Christopher Johnson, Center for Strategic and International Studies

10:45 AM Panel 2: Cross-Strait Political Security Issues

Richard Bush
Senior Fellow and Director, Center for Northeast Asian Policy Studies, 
The Brookings Institution 

Zhao Quansheng
Professor of International Relations and Director, 
Center for Asia Studies, American University

Wang Kao-cheng
Professor, Graduate Institute of International Affairs and Strategic Studies, 
Tamkang University

Moderated by: Bonnie Glaser, Center for Strategic and International Studies

12:15 PM Lunch Keynote Address: An Update on U.S.-Taiwan Relations

Raymond Burghardt
Chairman of the Board,
American Institute in Taiwan

1:45 Panel 3: Regional and Bilateral Economic Issues

Matthew Goodman
William E. Simon Chair in Political Economy,
Center for Strategic and International Studies

Chou Chih-wei
Assistant Professor, Department of Global Political Economy, 
Tamkang University

Moderated by: Kevin Nealer, The Scowcroft Group


Bonnie S. Glaser