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Humanitarian Aid to Venezuela: The Need for a Global Response

January 31, 2020 • 11:00 am – 12:30 pm EST

Please join the CSIS Future of Venezuela Initiative for a discussion on the international community’s response to Venezuela’s humanitarian crisis and why international aid is crucial for Venezuela and Venezuelans.

Compared to other countries in crisis such as Syria, South Sudan, and Myanmar, Venezuela receives significantly less humanitarian aid from the international community. Venezuela’s humanitarian crisis is yet to be a significant donor priority, despite levels of displacement that rival Syria's (currently more than 15 percent of Venezuela’s entire population), and disease and hunger levels comparable to those found in sub-Saharan Africa.
Following the keynote, a panel of CSIS experts will discuss the importance of humanitarian assistance from multiple angles, including the mitigation of destabilizing factors in the region, addressing increasing flows of refugees and forced migrants to other countries, the health implications of this ongoing crisis on the population, and the steps the international community can take to assist Venezuela.

This event is made possible by general support to CSIS.
Moises Rendon
Senior Associate (Non-resident), Americas Program
Katherine E. Bliss
Senior Fellow and Director, Immunizations and Health Systems Resilience, Global Health Policy Center
Erol Yayboke

Erol Yayboke

Former Director, Project on Fragility and Mobility and Senior Fellow, International Security Program
Jacob Kurtzer
Senior Associate (Non-Resident), Humanitarian Agenda

David Smolansky

OAS Secretariat General Special Envoy for Venezuelan Migration and Refugee Crisis; Former Mayor of El Hatillo-Caracas in exile