The Future of Venezuela Initiative

The Project influences policy dialogue on the future of Venezuela through strategic convening and critical research and policy analysis that produces practical, evidence-based, and forward-looking policy recommendations

Venezuela is a failed state that poses a significant security threat to the Western Hemisphere. The Future of Venezuela Initiative of the Center for Strategic & International Studies is led by director Ryan C. Berg.

Recent programming includes the following topics:

  • A roadmap and lessons for negotiations in Venezuela.
  • Violence and insecurity amidst the burgeoning presence of non-state actors.
  • Growing geopolitical challenges borne of foreign actors that prop up the Maduro Regime.
  • Tackling environmental degradation caused by illegal mining and gas flaring. 
  • The role of the oil sector in Venezuela’s economic degradation and economic rebuilding.
  • Improving the effectiveness of humanitarian assistance to Venezuelan migrants in neighboring countries and attending to the humanitarian crisis unfolding in Venezuela.
  • Advancing effective political engagement of youth and women in a democratic transition.
  • The effect and future of international sanctions on Venezuela.


Juan Cruz
Senior Adviser (Non-resident), Americas Program and Director, Argentina-U.S. Strategic Forum
Gerver Torres
Senior Associate (Non-resident), Americas Program