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Venezuela as a Narco State

October 12, 2018 • 10:30 am – 12:00 pm EDT

Join CSIS Americas for a public discussion on the policy implications of Venezuela’s escalation into a hub of organized crime. The political, social, and security chaos in Venezuela has stimulated a two-decade-long systematic erosion of the country’s institutions – creating the perfect breeding ground for illicit activity. Even as the United States and the international community increase pressure on the Venezuelan regime, Venezuela continues to solidify itself as a major player in money laundering, illicit drug production and drug transit. In response to Venezuelan government’s continuous human right violations and involvement in narco-trafficking, among other illicit activities, the United States and other like-minded countries have sanctioned more than 70 high-level Venezuelan government officials and military members, including President Nicolas Maduro and Vice-President Delcy Rodriguez.
This event will focus on the threats and risks of the growing crisis in Venezuela, the implications for neighboring countries and the region, and how the United States and the international community should respond. Brief remarks will be made by former Ambassador and CSIS Senior Adviser William Brownfield and CSIS Senior Adviser Juan Zarate, followed by a moderated discussion with CSIS Associate Director and Venezuelan expert Moises Rendon.

This event was made possible through support from CSIS
Moises Rendon

Moises Rendon

Former Senior Associate (Non-resident), Americas Program

Ambassador William Brownfield

CSIS Senior Adviser; former Assistant Secretary of State for International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs; former Ambassador to Venezuela, Colombia, and Chile
CSIS Senior Adviser; Chairman and Co-Founder, Financial Integrity Network