Technology and Human Rights

The Human Rights Initiative considers both the promise and threat that technology poses for human rights and how it impacts civil society

Research examines how governments can deploy technology to serve national security and foreign policy interests in a more rights-respecting manner, and the responsibility of technology companies to carry out adequate due diligence on customers and users of their products.

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The Expanding Use of Technology to Manage Migration

Through two case studies of migration, this report analyzes the use of migration management technologies by origin countries, the growing influence of destination countries over their decisionmaking, and the human rights risks associated with these uses.

Report by ​Marti Flacks , Erol Yayboke , Lauren Burke , and Anastasia Strouboulis — March 6, 2023

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Facing the Risk

Report by Amy K. Lehr and William Crumpler — July 27, 2021