I’m interested in working at CSIS but I’m not a US citizen. Can I apply?

Yes, all are welcome to apply. CSIS vacancies are open to applicants who are authorized to work in the US regardless of citizenship status.

Application Process

What information or documents do I need to apply for a position with CSIS?

When applying for any position through our online portal with CSIS, please make sure to carefully read the job description as it will define what documents are necessary for your application. Each position requires different documents.

Where do I upload my application documents (cover letter, writing sample, transcript, etc.)?

You must upload all the documents you would like to include in your application, on the second page of the application. The one that immediately follows you Accept the notice about federal government contractor and/or subcontractor shall abide by the requirements of 41 CFR §§ 60-300.5(a) and 60-741.5(a). You will be presented on that page with 4 document upload boxes to use to submit any and all materials you would like with your application.

Who do I address my cover letter to?

Please address the cover letter to "To Whom It May Concern". There are multiple people at CSIS who will be viewing your cover letter so it is impossible to address the letter to one person.

The position I am applying for requires me to submit transcripts. Can I submit unofficial transcripts?

Yes, you can submit unofficial transcripts. CSIS will accept either unofficial or official transcripts.

Are there deadlines or closing dates for either internships or regular hire positions?

Unless otherwise stated on the job description in the How To Apply section, all positions are available for candidates to apply until the hiring manager has started the application review process or has filled the position. However, internships are typically posted in February for our summer semester (June - August), July for our fall semester (September - December), and October for our spring semester (January - May).


I just completed my second semester of college. Am I eligible to be an intern?

Yes, once you have completed two years of undergraduate credits you are eligible for an internship with CSIS.

I am interested in interning at CSIS but I am not a U.S. citizen. Can I still be an intern?

U.S. citizenship is not a qualification we use in our hiring practices. However, all applicants must have U.S. work authorization in order to be eligible for an internship at the Center. CSIS does not sponsor visas for interns.

Does CSIS offer housing for their interns?

No. However, you may want to check out Washington Intern Student Housing (WISH) as they provide furnished apartments for interns working the District of Columbia. For more information on WISH please visit their website at www.internsdc.com.

Does CSIS have paid internships?

Interns at CSIS receive an hourly wage. Foreign nationals must have employment authorization in the United States and supporting documents to receive internship payments.