In 2021, CSIS hosted a total of 46 public events with Members of Congress as featured speakers. These events included Members from both sides of the aisle and from all across the United States. Members were featured as keynote speakers at CSIS conferences, as co-panelists with academic and policy experts, and in one-on-one armchair discussions with CSIS expert moderators.

CSIS strives to provide a bipartisan platform for leaders in Congress to engage with the broader policy community on issues affecting U.S. national security and foreign affairs, as well as pressing technology, trade, and energy issues.


Congressional Highlights


Understanding and Addressing Challenges in the Mekong Region

Gregory Poling, director of the Southeast Asia Program, testified before the House Foreign Affairs Asia Subcommittee on China’s influence in Cambodia and the difficulties it presents to the interests of the United States and its regional partners.

Congressional Testimony by Gregory B. Poling — December 7, 2022