Project on the Future of Europe

The Project on the Future of Europe aims to examine and raise awareness of the European Union’s increasing geopolitical importance.

The Project on the Future of Europe aims to examine the European Union’s growing geopolitical role and the implications for the United States and Europe. It seeks to raise awareness in the United States of the European Union’s future trajectory, which will be critical to building a stronger transatlantic partnership.

CSIS launches this initiative as the geopolitical significance of the U.S.-EU partnership continues to grow. The return of geopolitical rivalry has thrust the European Union, long a geoeconomic colossus with its enormous single market, into an increasingly prominent geopolitical role. Building a new strategic partnership between the U.S. and EU can drive the direction of the global economy and will be vital in an era of intensifying global competition. 

To meet these challenges, the Project on the Future of Europe will pursue in-depth research on the European Union’s foreign policy, transatlantic trade, climate, and technology policy, and internally driven trends shaping the European project over the next decade, including EU fiscal integration, reform, and enlargement. The project will also convene European and U.S. leaders to exchange ideas on how to advance shared transatlantic interests.

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Photo: ROMAN PILIPEY/AFP via Getty Images

Photo: ROMAN PILIPEY/AFP via Getty Images

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