Risk and Foresight Group

The Risk and Foresight Group at CSIS provides leaders in government and business with insights into the forces of change reshaping the global environment through continuous horizon scanning of trends in human population, energy resources and the environment, technology, information, international security and geopolitics, and governance


The Risk and Foresight Group is organized around several ongoing research initiatives.

  • Strategic Insights is a biweekly newsletter on a topic of pressing geopolitical risk at the intersection of government and business interests.
  • Seven Revolutions identifies the most important macrotrends shaping our world to 2050 through an ongoing stream of research and an engaging live/virtual presentation.
  • The Congressional Foresight Initiative[page coming April 2021] brings together a broad bipartisan group of congressional staff to explore long-range trends in seminars with experts in the field.
  • The Global Security Forum is CSIS’s annual flagship gathering of bipartisan national security experts on emerging challenges.

The Risk and Foresight Group was chartered to focus CSIS’s cross-cutting analysis in near-term geopolitical risk, and mid- to long-term futures (2030 to 2050 and beyond). It is also a center of experimentation for innovative use of foresight methodologies such as scenario planning, data analysis, modeling, simulation, and gaming to help leaders and organizations grapple with an era of continuous change.